Only Trust Will Enable to Move Forward and Soar

There is so much fake news in media, specially social media, these days; one can really feel, sense, smell the poisoned atmosphere. There are outright lies that are peddled as truths. Or some bit of factual information is cast with malicious slant. Words are misquoted or taken out of context. Pictures are photoshopped and edited.

Fake news can be as pernicious as the pandemic. As it is now, all the fake news we read and hear is causing deep divisions among us. It is sad to watch friendships being broken or families being separated or organizations breaking up because of all the lies being peddled and spread around. When the dust of this political exercise shall have settled, we still need our friends and families and communities to get on with our lives. How can we then move one when we are sundering all the ties that bind us together.

Notice how in the process of destroying the ties that bind us together, we are also casting aside all the principles and values that ennoble us and draw out the greatness in us. Like, trust, love, kindness, goodness. Yes, friendship, family, compassion, and the sense of community. These are the wings that enable us to fly. But, we are destroying them so wantonly. It is like a communal death wish.

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