Reflections at Dusk

We have indeed seen a lot of changes in recent times,
buffeted as we have been by a stormy darkness.
While saddened by all the death and disease around us,
I am not despondent.

I do not look at the past with nostalgia,
longing for the good old days.
I’d rather look at the future with hope for a new future,
like a new world about to be born.

Indeed, if I may share some of what I am getting a glimpse of:

We can live with a lot less of what we have been used to.
Our past was a lot of wanton excesses and waste,
driven by greed and an unmitigated quest for leisure.
In the process, we have despoiled our planet.

Our deeper reality is the spirit, the soul.
We have been so addicted to materialism.
There is a Spirit blowing over all creation,
That goes deeper and beyond our physical reality.
We do not fully understand it
But we feel his presence.
There is something out there and deep within us too.

Our problems are global and so are their solutions.
The Pandemic. Climate Change. Hunger. Poverty. Social Justice.
We must begin thinking as a species
and acting as one humanity.
Take our mandate to take good care of Earth,
our only home.
Even heaven is here and now.
Not in the stars.
Nor in the future.

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