The Wonder of the Universe

Everything in the universe is in constant movement from the smallest quark to the biggest black hole. The movements may sometime seem random and chaotic.
But there is a certain beat, a patent rhythm, almost a song or a melody that goes with the movement.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called it the hymn of the universe.
And somehow there is interconnectedness in all the movements
so that the cries of a baby aborning sets off the birth of a new star.
or fetus aborted triggers the death throes of an exploding supernova.
And all of this beauty and awesomeness simply goes on forever.

Nature has always been most prodigal in providing us with such abundant resources.
We have enough for everyone’s needs but not for every man’s greed.
That is why there are shortages, poverty and famine everywhere.
It takes more resources to feed and clothe one man looking out for himself
rather than two persons caring and sharing with each other.
There is more joy and happiness in people living and loving together
rather than in individuals looking out just for themselves.

There is a song in nature waiting to be sung.
There is a way to nature that needs to be done.
The beauty and goodness in nature are for men to see and do.
Like, we are made to love, not to hate.
It is in our nature to seek to become better.
There is nothing more heart-warming as when one person changes for the better.
Things do not always work out for the good.
But there is a certain grace at work that moves a person towards goodness.
Sometimes, the circumstances may be heroic and dramatic;
like a catastrophe, a major disaster or a monumental crisis in one’s life.
Oftentimes, all it takes to bring about the change
is but a word, a touch, a simple encounter with another person.
Every moment is yet another present for me to become better, to change, to be converted.
I pray to be open and sensitive to these stirrings of the grace in my life.

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