The Good, The Beautiful, The True

Random notes arbitrarily patched together would result in cacophony
But put together mindfully and soulfully, they produce a sweet melody
It may simply be an emotional love song that tugs at the heartstrings
Or a polyphonic symphony that enables the spirit to take wings

A beautiful painting that inspires is composed of many pixels
When seen merely as such, the canvas may seem like schnitzels
Simply step back to give some distance and some perspective
The beautiful picture comes out to become alive and active

I have always loved words and I enjoy playing with them
But the wonder begins when I express my thoughts with them
I can even tell stories, write a poem, or make visible my deepest thoughts
Sometimes, I even try to make sense on my life and connect the dots.

As notes make up a song and pixels a picture, moments create my life
I then have words to express my feelings about life’s joys and strife
I have a song, a picture, and a story to tell what I’ve been through
Hopefully, I should have learned what is good, beautiful and true

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