Encountering God


History is often written about and around great personages and great events.
It would be interesting to re-read history
from the perspective of the ‘small people’ in a story or event:
a great battle from the POV of a foot soldier,
a great romance from the POV of a maid of the lady love,
a great tragedy from the POV of a messenger.
Their story will probably resonate better with my own ‘ordinariness’.

The Gospels were written from POV of ordinary people.
Jesus was known as a common Galilean from Capernaum,
the son of a carpenter, Joseph, and of the young lass, Mary.
He gathered around him ordinary folks like fishermen, tax collectors,
some activists, and even some women of ill-repute.

When Christ came to save the world from evil and to change men’s hearts,
he did not do it with a grand change management intervention.
Nor did he have a coterie of experts and consultants to implement his projects.
He saved people one at a time.
He changed their lives one at a time.
He healed them one at a time.
He taught them in small groups.

But so they would believe him, he gave sight to the blind.
He fed the hungry, healed the infirm, cleansed the lepers,
and made whole the disabled.
He told stories and spoke the language of ordinary people.

It is in the ordinary and common place that God often reveals himself.
We encounter God in the awesomeness of nature
and in the our everyday usual routine.

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