Celebrate Life!

I love babies so does everybody I know.
All babies are beautiful.
There is nothing sweeter than a baby’s smell,
nothing fresher than a baby’s breathe,
nothing smoother or softer than a baby’s skin
and nothing more melodious than a baby’s sound.
Babies are so because they are ‘factory-fresh’ – fresh from the Source.
Indeed, our first encounter with God is at the moment of our creation,
when God first willed us into existence.
I believe we have a lingering, strong memory of this first encounter.
It is in the stirrings deep inside us and within us,
yearning for fulfillment, fullness and perfection.
It is in that little voice within
Who guides and direct us to all that is good, true and beautiful.
It is that the memory of a Source
that is both home and destiny at the same time.


Yesterday, we joined the Walk For Life West Coast.
It was a celebration of life, its immeasurable value, its lofty dignity.
People witnessing to the inviolability of life.
Grateful for the priceless gift that every life is.
One thought struck me like a bolt out of the blue:
Why would anyone ever want to kill a baby?

It absolutely makes no sense.
They are defenseless and they have done nothing wrong.
They have so fragile, they have to be sheltered
in the safety of their mothers’ wombs for nine months
before they can even strive to live on their own.

Unwanted? Unplanned? Congenital defect?
No, these are not reasons enough.
Conceived through rape or incest?
There may be so much strong negative emotion involved here
but still it is no fault of the defenseless, innocent baby.
Saying yes to one abortion for this reason
will make easier to just the next one – for any reason too.

How sad it is that the US spends more to rescue abandoned pets and animals
than it does to protect and save the unborn.



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