Moments of Grace, 2


I love mornings and the freshness they bring
Yet I love the sunset as much as the morning
I only need to see them with joy in my heart
And the showers of blessings simply start.

I love being with friends and enjoy their company
Yet being alone is fine; for me it’s no misery
I simply tell myself that life is meant for the sharing
And that the ‘Me’ I share is truly capable of caring.

Children always make my happiness complete
Each moment with them is unique, ne’er a repeat
I love their wide-eyed wonderings and their ‘whys’
They are pure and innocent yet genuinely wise.

Every moment is indeed always a moment of grace
I only need to see God in all of time and space
Sometimes I close my eyes; sometimes they are agape
But God is always before me in this form or that shape.

Every sight and sound, every shade and smell
A lovely grace-filled story, they all tell
When God made the world at the beginning of time
He left His imprint in the universe’s beat and rhyme.

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