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Another (Lunar) New Year

Today, February 16, much of Asia will be celebrating the Lunar (Chinese) New Year. In a span of less than two months, we have celebrated three New Years: the Church’s Liturgical Calendar last December 3, the Julian Calendar, followed in … Continue reading

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Beginnings And Bridges

The New Year is a new beginning. Like every new day, it brings with it the promise and hope for better things. It is already a blessing to be celebrating the new year. In the beginning, there was nothing – … Continue reading

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Promise And Fulfillment

It is a beautiful world. We only need to look at nature to realize what a great gift it is that has been given to us. It could only have come from the Source of Beauty. Deep inside us, we … Continue reading

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Advent Is Kairos Time

There are two kinds of time:┬ákairos and chronos. Each day we count is counted in chronos time. We have used up twenty four hours and 1,440 minutes of our life are gone. It is past and done. It will never … Continue reading

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In Love With Creation

Everything in the universe is in constant movement from the smallest quark to the biggest black hole. For some, the movements are random and chaotic like sub-atomic particles. For others, including myself, there is a certain beat, rhythm, almost a … Continue reading

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Some Random Acts of Kindness

Life is not easy. It is, in fact, difficult. There are enough heartaches, sorrows and pain in the world for me to add any more to the sadness and suffering. While pain and suffering may be an essential ingredient to … Continue reading

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Comfort Zones

It is so easy for one to become smug and withdraw into one’s comfort zone. One creates his comfort zone by going after what one believes to be “success”. In today’s materialistic world, success is often defined by what we … Continue reading

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