Seeing the Signs and Wonders

Then Jesus said to him, ‘Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.’ 
~ John 4:48

A painter needs a canvas to portray the beauty he sees around him. A poet needs paper to write about the emotions he is feeling in his heart. A musician needs his instrument to express the melody singing inside him. They need the space and time to give expression to the stirrings in their souls.

And the strange this is I can look at the painting and see the beauty the painter has captured. I can read the poem and feel the emotions of the poet. I can listen to the song and soon be singing the melody of the musician. You can now take away the canvass and the beauty is still in my spirit. You can take away the paper and the emotions are still in my heart. You can take away the instrument and the music would still be playing in my soul.

That to me is a glimpse of God, a sign of His Presence. I exist in the here and now. I have been given a share of time and space. My time is ticking out and my space will soon run out. But somewhere and sometime, there will be a sacred space and an endless time where I have been destined to live forever.

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