Some Random Acts of Kindness


Life is not easy.
It is, in fact, difficult.
There are enough heartaches, sorrows and pain in the world
for me to add any more to the sadness and suffering.
While pain and suffering may be an essential ingredient to life,
I can do small things to help alleviate the burden they bring to people’s lives.
If I can but make someone smile, I will.
If I can just make someone sing in happiness, I will.
If I can just help in carrying someone’s burden, even for just a while, I will.
If I can fill the gaps in someone’s life, I will.
If I can bring something to someone
for that person to have a firmer resolve or a brighter disposition, I will.
For this to happen, I need to open my eyes, my ears, my heart and my hands
in love and in service to others.
If I just make an extra effort, there are a number of Random Acts of Kindness
that I can do for other to make their burdens lighter
and make this world a little bit happier.

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