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The NBA Finals and Mt. Pinatubo

It is the MBA finals and I am again rooting for the Warriors. I am emotionally invested in this team and I get kinda down and low whenever they lose. We lived in the Bay area for years and saw … Continue reading

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Words and Reality

Words and their power are what make humans who they are, Our capacity to communicate through words has enables us to build civilization. But often, human language is  inadequate to express what we truly feel and know deep within us. … Continue reading

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What Are The Odds?

Recently, all of Manila was agog over a first-time ever one billion pesos Lotto jackpot. Many who haven’t played Lotto before did so for the first time. There ws an air of pregnant expectancy in the air for several days … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2018

Yesterday was Good Shepherd Sunday. As is his style, Jesus draws examples and images from nature to bring home his message. Here, he is the shepherd and we are his flock. There shall be one shepherd and one fold. The … Continue reading

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Believing and following Christ would probably have been easier had I lived during His time on earth. I imagine myself crisscrossing the lake of Tiberias visiting the towns and villages of Galilee, to be with people or to get away … Continue reading

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How Do Miracles Happen?

As we were waiting for the mass to begin yesterday at the Saint Joseph Cathedral here in San Jose, my attention wandered to the altar and I started wondering: How many prayers of petition and supplications have been brought to … Continue reading

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A Tree Falling In The Forest

We were at the Muir Woods National Monument yesterday to enjoy and be awed by the giant sequoia redwoods. Left to itself, undisturbed by human presence, a redwood tree can live for thousands of years. But sometimes, a giant redwood may … Continue reading

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Under the Influence

Europe today is held up by many as the model of a successful humanist secular society, driven mainly by rationalistic science, pragmatic technology and market-oriented capitalism. The principles of socialism move much of the social discourse and inspire many of the … Continue reading

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I am More Than Just A Body

I take great pleasure in enjoying beautiful photos and paintings. Sure, there are those who would take photos or do paintings in order to make a fortune. But there are a lot more who do so just to capture the … Continue reading

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