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The Birds In The Sky And The Lilies Of The Field

Ecological concerns, chiefly climate change and the massive pollution and destruction of the environment, are among the most pressing issues facing the world today. The discussions have mainly been on the scientific, social, economic and financial perspectives. Now, with Pope Francis’ encyclical … Continue reading

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My Treasures

When my life is finally over, I shall be a rich man for I have saved myself some treasure. It is not gold nor money; so no thief will ever be interested in stealing it. It is not physical things nor material … Continue reading

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The Very Words Of Jesus

The Lord’s Prayers, for me, is the most beautiful prayer one can say. it comes from the Lord Himself. These are His very words – ipsissima verba Jesu. Since these come from Him, they provide us a glimpse into the … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy – the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense. We all wear masks. We all pretend to be somebody else we are not. We put on masks to protect … Continue reading

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Will Loving Be Ever Easy?

Loving for me these days has been easier than anytime in the past. I am surrounded by people who sincerely care for me and who think the world of me. People in my life today are persons whom I have truly … Continue reading

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Musings About The End Of The Journey

I am aware I am nearing the end of my journey. I have lived more years now than I have years left to live. I am in the final quarter of my life. In a way, I feel a certain … Continue reading

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Seeds That Have Grown Into Trees

A solitary tree stands strong and mighty on the top of a hill Struggling and prevailing against the severe drought in California Where brown is the new green. What an awesome thought that and how all this strength and might came … Continue reading

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Making My Words Matter

To swear is to give my solemn word that what I say is true or what I say I will do I will in fact do. It is a tacit affirmation that I am in control of my words and … Continue reading

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I Am Mostly Heart

I was born on the Feast of the Sacred Heart and that is why Ima had me christened ‘Jesus’. This may also perhaps be the reason why I am a person of the heart. A hopeless romantic, like the poet … Continue reading

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Life Is About Relationships

Life is all about relationships. Who a person is can only be defined by and understood through the relationships he has in his life. I cannot imagine anyone on his deathbed wishing to have spent one more day in the office, or … Continue reading

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