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My Seventy Years

So yesterday was a landmark birthday, my 70th. It was spent in the loving company of family. At the end of the day, Msgr. Pagulayan, whom we endearingly call Peggy, came and gave us this most beautiful present. It is … Continue reading

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Celebrating Friendship

Today is the birthday of a dear friend of many, many years. Our first encounter was not particularly pleasing for him. For a sensitive person, I can often be very callous and I hurt people without my realizing it with … Continue reading

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Every birth is an occasion for wonder and amazement, just like the birth of John the Baptist or of Jesus the Christ. It is like the heavens open up for one moment and one of the angels escapes to earth … Continue reading

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It’s A Birthday Moment!

Today is my birthday – a day that represents a whole year that was. And what a year it was: full of love, joys and blessings. For these, I am grateful and humbled. It is also a day that promises … Continue reading

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Not Just an Ordinary Day

This day could have been just another ordinary day. I could have just gone on doing what I would routinely do everyday. But it is special and stands out from all the other days in my life because it is … Continue reading

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A Cup Running Over Kind of Birthday

I have been favored in my life by one with whom the Lord is present and today is her birthday. A good friend once told me that I can’t really start counting my blessings unless I start with Anabelle.  She … Continue reading

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