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Thanking God for 39 Years

Today is our 39th wedding anniversary. We have known each other for 44 years and have been married for 39 now. Every morning that breaks, I whisper a prayer of gratitude to God for bringing Anabelle into my life. We … Continue reading

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Peace on Earth

The kidnapping of about two hundred young innocent girl in Nigeria reflects the lack of peace in the world today. There is unending strife in the Middle East. There are simmering tensions in the Southeast Asia. Everywhere, millions are worried … Continue reading

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Recognizing God’s Loving Presence

We went out biking as a family yesterday afternoon: a young couple and their two young children with two grandparents tagging along. Nothing really extraordinary, nothing earth-shaking nor game changing.  Yet, I saw God’s hand as the love and the … Continue reading

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Finding My Way, Seeking My Truth and Living My Life

My life has been a journey. And I have tried to keep to the straight and narrow path. But the paths I have taken have often not hewn to the straight and narrow. My way has taken me to places … Continue reading

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Changes and Changelessness

Life is constant change yet the more things change the more they stay they same. I have changed and have seen a lot of changes in and during my life. Some changes are but a blur. Like, technology gets a … Continue reading

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How Will It All Finally End?

Most of my life, I was concerned with building, creating, making new and making better. These days I often think about the end, of winding down, of leaving this life and going someplace of which I have no real knowledge. … Continue reading

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Life Choices

Life is a series of choices. While I may not have had a choice in being born, everything else after my birth has been a matter of choice. Even when I do nothing, that is still a choice. There may … Continue reading

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Love Incarnations

Love in today’s popular culture is often portrayed as the romance between two persons, with a strong focus on its physical and sexual manifestations. Love is richer and deeper than just the romance or the physical or the sexual. I … Continue reading

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Recognizing the Cause through the Effects

Sub-atomic particles, like the Higgs boson, are so infinitesimally small they cannot be seen even by the most powerful electron microscope. Yet, scientists know they exist by their effects. Some phenomenon happens or exists that can only be explained by … Continue reading

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Constant Love and Care

There is a Good Shepherd who looks after me. He calls out and I hear His voice and I follow. In the hustle and bustle of daily living, His voice is sometimes drowned out by all the noise and the … Continue reading

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