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Sell What You Have And Follow

There can be three levels of defining our relationship with others and the world. There is ownership: I have possessions, I can even have a family and children. Ownership is good but it can give way to selfishness and acquisitiveness. … Continue reading

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Being in Control

Today is the feast day of Martha, the typical OC person, the patron saint of people who love to be in control. I have experienced what it is like to be in control, to be followed and obeyed, to be … Continue reading

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Holy Saturday

Now, he lies in the tomb, dead as a doornail after being nailed on the cross. The apostles have all scurried and been scattered: lost, confused and very fearful for their own lives. This is not how it is supposed … Continue reading

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Living Is About The Giving

There are certain truths that we know intuitively, without need of any proof – scientific or otherwise. Like, what goes up must come down. Or, what goes around comes around. Or, the quintessence of living is not in the receiving … Continue reading

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A Career In Teaching And Healing

Two activities occupied much of the public ministry of Jesus: the preaching and teaching of the Gospel, and the healing of the sick and making whole those afflicted with illnesses. The teaching part can also be seen as a form … Continue reading

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Small is Actually the Big Thing

Small things may not amount to much but often they mean a lot. The human body is three-fourths made up of water. But it is the tiny micronutrients, barely one percent of our total body weight, that make the body … Continue reading

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Doing Good is Often a Lonely and Difficult Task

Rules and laws are meant to prevent us from doing bad. But I have found that they also prevent us from doing good, specially in a litigious society such as the US. People would sometimes hesitate to help others in … Continue reading

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Life is for the Giving, not the Keeping

Looking out to nature and seeing all that beauty and grandeur always amazes me and fill  me with unspeakable wonderment. Looking outward fills me with awesome. I look inward and I see something equally as awesome. I look out on … Continue reading

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Earth Stewardship

The earth is the vineyard of the Lord and we are His tenants. It took Him a few billion years to make this fertile land. He spaded it, fenced it with stones, laced it with rivers and lakes. He planted the choicest … Continue reading

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Choosing Life

Life is such a wonderful present and its end, death, is such an awful prospect. Everything people do is to sustain life and to make it longer and better. Farmers work their fields to grow food that will sustain life. … Continue reading

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