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Sell What You Have And Follow

There can be three levels of defining our relationship with others and the world. There is ownership: I have possessions, I can even have a family and children. Ownership is good but it can give way to selfishness and acquisitiveness. … Continue reading

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Being in Control

Today is the feast day of Martha, the typical OC person, the patron saint of people who love to be in control. I have experienced what it is like to be in control, to be followed and obeyed, to be … Continue reading

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Holy Saturday

Now, he lies in the tomb, dead as a doornail after being nailed on the cross. The apostles have all scurried and been scattered: lost, confused and very fearful for their own lives. This is not how it is supposed … Continue reading

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Living Is About The Giving

There are certain truths that we know intuitively, without need of any proof – scientific or otherwise. Like, what goes up must come down. Or, what goes around comes around. Or, the quintessence of living is not in the receiving … Continue reading

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A Career In Teaching And Healing

Two activities occupied much of the public ministry of Jesus: the preaching and teaching of the Gospel, and the healing of the sick and making whole those afflicted with illnesses. The teaching part can also be seen as a form … Continue reading

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Small is Actually the Big Thing

Small things may not amount to much but often they mean a lot. The human body is three-fourths made up of water. But it is the tiny micronutrients, barely one percent of our total body weight, that make the body … Continue reading

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Doing Good is Often a Lonely and Difficult Task

Rules and laws are meant to prevent us from doing bad. But I have found that they also prevent us from doing good, specially in a litigious society such as the US. People would sometimes hesitate to help others in … Continue reading

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