The Sacrament of the Present

To pledge their love to each other for eternity

In every moment is the seed of eternity.
Yes, I am both a moment and an eternity.
I have but the present moment to call my very own.
It is in the now that everything happens.
The past and the future may have the reasons for my living.
But I do all my living in the present moment.

In the wink of an eye the present is gone,
only to be replaced by another moment.
It is in this moment that I have my joys, my pain, my being and my becoming.

I am also an eternity.
I carry in my present moment everything I went through in the past:
my heartaches, my happiness, the lessons I learned and the regrets I carry.
I bring in the present all my future dreams and hopes.
Past, present and future come together in me, here in this moment.
I may be just a moment in the reckoning of the universe
but the universe will never be the same again
because I once was here in this moment.
And in the fullness of life, I will live in the Eternal Now.

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