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To Be A Child, redux

As I age into my twilight years, I try to live in simplicity and surrender. And surprisingly, often serendipitously, I do learn many things. Some are lessons long forgotten, others totally new and exhilarating. Many of the new lessons I … Continue reading

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Something Small

Sometimes, all it takes is something small to make something big happen. A smile can lead to a lifetime together. A handshake can seal a deal. A reaching across can heal divisions. In his book “Small is Beautiful”, E.F. Schumacher … Continue reading

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No Masks Needed When Being Generous

There is none so blind as one who refuses to see; nor one harder to wake up than one who pretends to sleep. Often, I live my life with different masks on and with a lot of pretensions. Like, I … Continue reading

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The God of Surprises and Simplicity

God is not only a God of surprises but also a God of simplicity. He surprised me with the gift of life. And then sent His only Son to show me how to live that life to the fullest. He … Continue reading

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