Heeding the Call


To hear the word of God and do it, to be Christ’s disciple is not easy.
It usually involves a total conversion, a metanoia, a complete turn-around of one’s life.
It inspires, animates, vivifies anyone who dares to accept the invite and to heed the call.
But it also bothers, unsettles, disturbs and perplexes many to the extent of persecuting those who bear them the message.

Often, God would often would test us in the area where we think we are the strongest.
I have a priest friend whose special apostolate is marital counselling
and all his siblings had failed marriages.
I know a top-notch pulmonologist whose son died from an asthma attack
and he could not do enough to keep him alive.
There was an excellent doctor who was looked up to by young doctors,
referring difficult cases to her, but who died from the complications of childbirth.
And there was great irony in a cardiologist who died of a heart attack in the midst of a cardiology convention and the hundreds of heart specialists in attendance could not save him.

We are not in control. God is in control.
I pray for faith and trust to totally place
my life and the lives of my loved ones in the hands of God.

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