To Be A Child, redux

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As I age into my twilight years, I try to live in simplicity and surrender.
And surprisingly, often serendipitously, I do learn many things.
Some are lessons long forgotten, others totally new and exhilarating.
Many of the new lessons I have learned are things that come naturally to children.
They know as self-evident truths what we adults struggle to learn and understand.

This is something I wrote some seven years ago.
And this morning, I get a joyful reminder of what it is to be a child.

To be a child is to play in the sun and live the moment
unencumbered by the past and
not bothered by the future
and when the day is done, not to wish for the morrow to come.

To be a child is to paint fields of flowers abloom in wild colors
and actually smelling their fragrance.
To be a child is not to see the differences that
separate us but the common joys that bind us all.
To be a child is to be accepting of people, of who they are
and not looking for a catch in their kindness.
To be a child is to laugh in total abandon at the silliest jokes
and to cry buckets of tears even for the smallest of hurts.
To be a child is to trust that Daddy will always catch you if you fall;
and if you do fall, that Mommy will be there to kiss the awee away.

To be child is to dream,
to believe and to
know that life is meant for the living.

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