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Not Taking Things For Granted

Because I keep on receiving the same awesome blessings everyday, there is a tendency in me to take these things for granted. The sun rises every morning, always beautiful, fresh and full of promises. Most days I welcome it with … Continue reading

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Why Envy?

One of the things I truly admired at the Paul McCartney concert we went to last week was that he never did a medley. He sang each and every song in their entirety and integrity. Medleys try to capture a … Continue reading

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While we marvel at the beauty and order there seems to be in the universe, it is actually a chaotic and dangerous place out there. New stars are constantly exploding into existence while old ones are imploding into black holes. … Continue reading

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Fullness and Perfection

I have always desired and worked for perfection in my life – in the things that I do, in the things that I have and in myself and in the people around me. I have always hungered for life and … Continue reading

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Life is Meant for the Giving

There are two large bodies of water in the Holy Land, connected with each other by the river Jordan – the Dead Sea in the south and the Sea of Galilee/Tiberias/Gennesaret in the north. The two seas are no more … Continue reading

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Imagine a World Without Children

Imagine a world without children. It would be a sad and lonely place. In fact, it would be a dying world. The greatest joys of my being a grandparent has been the privilege and opportunity in being part of the … Continue reading

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Let it Be – The Beatles’ Marian Anthem

Last night, we watched the concert of Paul McCartney  at Candlestick Park, the final event/concert at that legendary venue. It was a memorable and awesome experience. As Marjorie, one friend who also witnessed the event, sighed, “I don’t want to … Continue reading

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In the past days, people have been saddened by the death of Robin Williams. Both mainstream and social media are replete with stories about him: how he has brought laughter, joy and inspiration to millions through his movies and TV … Continue reading

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I am properly defined as a being-with-others-in-the-world. Indeed, it takes a village to raise a child. The poet John Donne famously wrote,           No man is an island,          Entire of itself,          Every man is a piece of the continent,          A … Continue reading

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Bless the Children

We live in the greatest age the world has ever known. The Age of Information. The Age of Science and Technology. New and even more amazing marvels are created and launched everyday: smart phones, smart homes, cars and planes that … Continue reading

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