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Signs And Wonders

Anabelle and I went spelunking with some friends up north where we spent the past four days. In recent months, we have been awed by fantastic rock formations in different places. In one cave in Ilagan, Isabel we actually saw … Continue reading

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Pray Without Ceasing

A scenic beach is always a sight to behold The rocks, the sand and the cliffs of gold Such a breath-taking place is easy to have Just let the endless rhythm of wave after wave. Stalactites and stalagmites are also … Continue reading

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Coming Full Circle

One evening while Anabelle was preparing dinner, she called out to Jane and said: “Come and help me prepare dinner, Jane. I will teach you how to cook.” Jane very spontaneously replied: “No, Lola, my husband will cook.” We, of … Continue reading

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Our House

Anabelle and I are back in our house in Filinvest.  It is a simple but a very beautiful house, lovingly designed by a good friend who has since passed away. It has a lot of doors and windows so that … Continue reading

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The Random God?

We are barely three weeks in the Philippines and the country has been visited by three strong typhoons and one major earthquake, not to mention the man-made disasters caused by never-ending inanities of our national leaders. I am reminded once … Continue reading

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Generosity Is From The Heart

I often tend to equate generosity to the giving of monetary and material goods. I envy other people’s generosity who give impressive amounts of money. Like Tevye, I sometimes lament: “If I were a rich man, I would build houses … Continue reading

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Signs That I Treasure

Life is such a wonderful experience. It is great to be alive. It leaves us often asking for more. There is a consciousness among men that there is a lot more to life than what we see or experience and … Continue reading

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