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The miracle of life is the miracle of love

The birth of a baby is always a tender and heartwarming moment. And there is nothing more tender and loving than seeing a beautiful child cuddling a new-born babe. Yes, the miracle of life is a miracle of love. For … Continue reading

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The River of Life

Waves naturally rush to shore like leaves fall off the tree. They pound upon the sands till there’s with white purity. But sometimes the waters flow gently away as in a stream. Is that a river in the ocean, or … Continue reading

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The Foamy Waters of Life

    White, foamy brine of life. Churning, crushing, seething and tossing And in the frothy, bubbly waves life eventually emerges. Rushing, ebbing and receding Playful, carefree and with wanton glee The waves cleanses the sand of dirt and grime … Continue reading

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Listen to the Children

Today is the Feast of the Hold Child (Santo Niño) in the Philippines. And in many places all around the country, there will be mardi-gras-like festivals celebrating the Infant Jesus during the month of January — Ati-atihan in Aklan, Sinulog in … Continue reading

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Transit Umbra,Lux Permanet.

It is so easy to fall into set ways and be comfortable with the routine and then complain about how boring life can be. Change is a challenge to move ahead and become better. Water that is not stirred becomes … Continue reading

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I’m Coming Home

Nothing evokes as much peace and joy for me as the thought of coming home. Home is a place where I can be myself, where I can put down my masks and scratch where it itches. Home is where I … Continue reading

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My Existence

God had a choice in creating me. He had a choice to do otherwise. But he said: “I do choose. Be!” In my case, God is not an option. He holds me in the palm of His hand and sustains … Continue reading

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