Love Without Limits Nor Conditions


A Waterfall in a Glade within a Glen somewhere in Mount Tamalpais

Love, like a spring, is life giving.
Love, like water, refreshes and rejuvenates.

I love it when I can tell someone that I will make time for him or her.
It is an act of the will, a choice, to give my time and myself to another person.
I also realize that I say those words only to people I truly love and care for.
If, by chance, I say them to a person I barely know,
I also realize that somehow there is still some love and caring involved.

It is easy to love someone I like.
But that is putting borders and limits to love.
The real challenge is to love without limits and without borders.
The true essence of love is to love with conditions.
It is infinite like its source.

Not even time can limit love.
And yet, I love in time.
As I grow older, I realize how precious time is.
In my younger years, I had a lot of time. I squandered a lot of it.
Now, even the times I have nothing to do are precious.
Time to be here.
Time to be present.
Time is a present, a gift.
Precious. Moments.
Sacred moments.

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