Live Life in Moments, Not Minutes

One can count time either in minutes or in moments.
Minutes are the ticking of the clock,
the inevitable passing away of events and opportunities.
Moments are the feeling of a heartbeat,
the happy unfolding of life with all its joys and sufferings.

Minutes have to do with finiteness of time,
a mere measure of getting from here to there, from now to then.
Moments have to do with the fullness of time,
an awareness of things becoming what they have been meant to be. 

Minutes are the reason we schedule and plan our lives.
Moments are the seasons around which we organize and celebrate our lives.

The Greeks called the former ‘chronos’ and the latter ‘kairos’.
We measure ‘chronos’ through the passage of the sun and moon across the sky.
We know ‘kairos’ through the movement of the stars in the heavens.

Mary lived her life in moments; she sat beside the Lord at his feet listening to him speak.
Martha counted the minutes, anxious and worried about many things

Choose to live my life in moments rather than seconds.

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