Failing Senses and Heavenly Scents


I am increasingly becoming hard of hearing
Many sounds and conversations I do not hear
Am I being attuned to heavenly sounds
Because the end is drawing near?

My eyesight seems to be fading too
I have to squint to get things into view
Could it be I am being prepared
To behold sights that are heavenly and new?

I used to have a shard sense of smell
Every kind of whiff I can sense and tell
Why can I hardly catch the scents around me?
Would somebody please just tell me?

I loved the joys of the sense of touch
Oh I love to hold things in my hands so much
Now, why are my feelings getting dull?
I guess it’s time to stop for a while.
Could it be it’s about time for me to go
For my present moment to be my eternal now?

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