When You’re Down, Look Up

Watching the 4th of July fireworks in downtown San Jose

I’ve had my share of life’s affluence
More than I could have imagined
I dreamt of a life of ease and comfort
I still wonder now how it all happened

I’ve had my share of influence,
Power and control over others
They’d always do my bidding
E’en though they had their druthers

I did enjoy some prominence
People knew me and I knew them
I was a man about town
They were my friends and I their chum

For such is the way of the world
It’s all about wealth, power and fame
But in the end all these things pass
And nothing stays the same

When that day comes
You’d feel you rather empty
You wonder where all these went
And you’re filled with awful ennui

You’d feel you’re sick
Weak, enfeebled and weary
There’s this lingering malaise
that makes your days dreary

You long for a simple life
Without worries or complications
You’d give up everything
Just to have some easy solutions

And then the realization comes
That it is in one’s emptiness
That we find our real worth
and then, in that, our life’s fullness

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