On a Wing and a Prayer


Every morning, I make time and space for prayer.
Just before the rest of ‘my world’ wakes up, I come to prayer as a total person,
turning my attention to the Totally Other Person.
I have learned recently that that means coming to prayer
with my body and soul, my mind, my heart and my will.
My body is sometimes sleepy and my soul is often restless.
My mind and imagination often take flights of fancy
taking me to all sorts of times and places.
But I will my body to stay in the here and now.
My heart remains at rest in the Presence whose company I seek.
And I have made the decision to stay.
And the moments I spent in such position and disposition of peace and quiet
are times of peace and quiet, of grace and prayer.
Words become superfluous as I relish being ‘in the moment’.
And in that moment of grace and prayer, I often find myself
saying like Mary on that first Easter morn, “I have seen the Lord.”

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