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Living Is About The Giving

There are certain truths that we know intuitively, without need of any proof – scientific or otherwise. Like, what goes up must come down. Or, what goes around comes around. Or, the quintessence of living is not in the receiving … Continue reading

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Goodness Comes From the Giving

California is a rich and bountiful land. It is one of life’s blessings that I live here. Northern California is known for it high tech industries. The Southern part is the entertainment capital of the world. But central California is … Continue reading

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A Personal Mission Statement

The poor always hope that today will be better than yesterday, And tomorrow better yet than today. We are all poor one way or another, Praying for the fulfillment for what is lacking in life. There has never been as … Continue reading

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Beyond the Commandments

Vitavi denique culpam, non laudem merui, wrote the poet Horace. I do not deserve to be praised just because I have avoided¬†committing a mistake or have simply done what is expected of me. Doing the good or right thing that … Continue reading

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Doing Good is Often a Lonely and Difficult Task

Rules and laws are meant to prevent us from doing bad. But I have found that they also prevent us from doing good, specially in a litigious society such as the US. People would sometimes hesitate to help others in … Continue reading

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Life is for the Giving, not the Keeping

Looking out to nature and seeing all that beauty and grandeur always amazes me and fill ¬†me with unspeakable wonderment. Looking outward fills me with awesome. I look inward and I see something equally as awesome. I look out on … Continue reading

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Making A Difference, One Small Change At A Time

Two workers at a construction site were asked the same question, “What are you doing here?” One answered, “I am digging a trench and will lay down bricks in it afterwards.” The other one said, “I am helping build a … Continue reading

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