Total Surrender


In all my relationships, I have always kept a bit of myself just for myself.
I have never given myself totally,
always keeping my innermost being just for myself.
But Christ demands total surrender of self from his disciples.
There have been instances in my life
when I thought I have left everything to follow him.
But even as I struggle,
I can still sense him asking me to give up
that bit of myself that I have been holding back
from everybody else, including Him.
Total surrender is the cost of discipleship,
giving up everything in total surrender to God’s will,
even if it means taking up the cross.
In fact, Christ said that is exactly what being his disciple mean
– taking up the cross daily.
Life is hard.
Being a disciple is harder.
Why can’t I just forget being a disciple
and take the easy and well-traveled road?

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