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Families As Oases Of Love

We live in a secular and open society. Everything is up for questioning and subject to challenge. Because nothing is sacred anymore. No more absolute values or norms. On the one hand, I welcome this for it has meant freedom … Continue reading

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Love And Marriage, Once More

When God commanded men to have dominion over all the earth, they took it to heart. Over the ages men have carved out mountains, redirected rivers, reclaimed land from the sea, made the desert bloom. In the process, they have … Continue reading

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Aloneness and Togetherness

Life is a constant flux and rhythm of being alone and getting together. I love my alone moments. I treasure my being alone with myself and being alone with God. I need these moments to be in touch with who … Continue reading

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My Seventy Years

So yesterday was a landmark birthday, my 70th. It was spent in the loving company of family. At the end of the day, Msgr. Pagulayan, whom we endearingly call Peggy, came and gave us this most beautiful present. It is … Continue reading

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The Family And The Trinity

Today is the third Sunday in June, the day the world celebrates as Fathers’ Day. Digital media is awash with greetings and paeans to oft forgotten fathers. As a father, I have always seen my role as a father is … Continue reading

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The Love That Impels

I have always loved this quote from Blaise Pascal: “The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing”. Or, one can let it play trippingly on one’s tongue in French: “Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne … Continue reading

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For most of my adult life, I have lived in cosmopolitan and urbanized areas in several places in the world. Yet I can still feel my peasant roots. My forebears were tillers, not owners, of the soil. During the off-season, … Continue reading

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