Kinabuhayan Cafe, Dolores Quezon

Today is the Feast of the Visitation: a cousin visits her cousin to assist her in the final months of her pregnancy before going home herself to give birth to her own child. It is a poignant story of loved ones reaching out and caring for one another.

I love making visits and being visited. It is a custom I got from my Ima. I remembered how we would go and visit cousins in the next town, specially when there are occasions like fiestas, holidays, and celebrations. But often, we’d go even when there is no special occasion. Ima just loved company. And she loved hosting people as well. When we were growing up, I also remembered how excited she would get when we bring home friends to come and visit her as well.

Visiting friends and family is an act of caring. It is something I love doing and it is my way of showing that I care for others when I go and visit them. When Anabelle and I travel, we make sure there are friends and family we can go and see in addition to the usual tourist places there are in a destination.

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