Ruins in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

For most of my adult life, I have lived in cosmopolitan and urbanized areas in several places in the world. Yet I can still feel my peasant roots. My forebears were tillers, not owners, of the soil. During the off-season, many of them were also carpenters, builders of houses and structures. And when my father was teaching, he taught a subject called Building Construction. So, my father was a teacher and I have been involved in teaching for most of my career. My mother was never a healthcare professional but she spent many years working in a hospital as an orderly and in a school clinic as a medical assistant. So, for most of my career, I have also been involved in healthcare.

Even as I watch my grandchildren grow, I can see glimpses of me in them: my moodiness and quickness of mind in Jonathan, my playfulness and humor in Jane. And lately, I can see glimpses of me in Maia and Ela. I know and I can see there is a bit of me in all of them.

There is a continuing thread that runs through us all. This thread is not unique to our family but is part of the common thread that binds us together with the rest of humanity. And it goes all the way back and all the way forward to the Source.

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