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The Speed and the Noise

Speed and noise seem to be the defining elements of people’s lives today. When people want something, they often want it now, as in right now. So we have instant versions of practically everything. No waiting. Instant coffee. Instant noodles. … Continue reading

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Late Lessons for a Lolo

One of our joys these days are the times we spend with Maia. And I love how she is so in love with here Lola. Like, whenever they come home from a pasyal,¬†she would fill our home with her shouts … Continue reading

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I Keep Wondering

Life is a deep paradox, a maelstrom of contradictions. The good coexists side by side with the evil. Joys come along with pain and tears are never far from our smiles and laughter. And all around, life does often at … Continue reading

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Gratitude Is an Expression of Love

Gratitude is a deeply spiritual virtue. In a culture of competitive individualism, one can easily lose sight of the others in one’s life. Gratitude is the awareness and appreciation of the fact that I am not alone. I can do … Continue reading

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In His Image And Likeness

It inspires me to know that I am made in the image and likeness of God. It rouses me even more to realize that I was made uniquely and that there will never be another one quite like me. If … Continue reading

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Eternity In A Moment

The vastness of the universe is so staggering that we can’t even imagine what infinity is. And yet we get intimation of the universe in a grain of sand and a glimpse of eternity in a moment. Consider light. The … Continue reading

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Remembering A Gracious Lady

I attended the wake of a gracious lady yesterday. Her life was princess-like fairy tale story. But where most fairy tales are meant to be short and fading and meant for mere telling; hers was long and lasting and meant … Continue reading

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Communing With Nature Is A Prayer

I love doing nature hikes with Anabelle. And we do miss hiking and out hiking buddies in Northern California. It is always a refreshing experiencing walking through the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Nothing is more exhilarating than … Continue reading

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Justice and Mercy

When I am wronged, I want justice and retribution; but when I do wrong I desire mercy and forgiveness. In a world so full of injustice and oppression, justice is needed to restore balance and equilibrium in society. One wise … Continue reading

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Following Christ

There is a great tendency today for people to do things for show or to make a good impression; not because it is the right thing to do. A popular expression is “What you see is what you get ~ … Continue reading

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