Justice and Mercy

IMG_1187 (1)

When I am wronged, I want justice and retribution;
but when I do wrong I desire mercy and forgiveness.

In a world so full of injustice and oppression,
justice is needed to restore balance and equilibrium in society.
One wise man once said: “If you want peace, work for justice.”
In most action movies today (and these are often blockbusters),
people want to see justice served in the end;
and for goodness to triumph over evil with only the good guy left standing.
But the quest for justice can become corrupted and
can degenerate into an endless cycle of violence and revenge.

Justice alone is not enough.
Mercy and forgiveness are a bigger victory over evil;
for they break the cycle of violence and revenge.
It is the stronger man who can seek justice and can also forgive.


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