Late Lessons for a Lolo


One of our joys these days are the times we spend with Maia. And I love how she is so in love with here Lola. Like, whenever they come home from a pasyal, she would fill our home with her shouts of “Wowa! Wowa! Wowa!” it is amazing how a small tot of her size could fill a big house with herexciting calls to her Lola. Or, how she loves to say “NO!” to me so emphatically with a toss of her head and instead say, “Wowa!” At night, before going to bed, we have by now an established ritual where her Daddy would bring her first to me in my home office and have her kiss and hug me goodnight. She does so dutifully and as soon as she is done, she bids her Daddy “Wowa!” and off to Lola they’d do where she would linger saying her goodnights.

Am I jealous? Do I even feel slighted? No! I am elated and thrilled that she does that. Young and innocent as she is, she knows that her Lola is the better person; that Lola has the more generous and caring heart; that Lola is indeed the more loving person. Maia confirms that I have chosen and married well. I could not have found a better wife for myself than her Lola.

And here, Maia teaches me yet another lesson. I found and chose Anabelle? I now realize that it is rather presumptuous of me to say or even think that way. I did not choose her. I was led to her. Anabelle was a gift for me, like Maia is. I did nothing to deserve them but just be there where God wanted me. And God just simply brought them into my life.

Often, I fancy myself a successful person for the accomplishments I have achieved. Maia and my grandchildren are making me realize that all these accomplishments are gifts. I have done nothing to deserve my apos. They just came into my life. I had imaginings on what and how it is to be a grandfather. Most of my imaginings do not happen. But what is happenings instead is beyond all my imaginings. And it is much better.

Yes, everything is gift. It is a lesson it is taking me a lifetime to learn. But today it has become a lot clearer because of my Maia.


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2 Responses to Late Lessons for a Lolo

  1. Jose Raoul C Dizon says:

    Yes, Verne, all “achievements” are gifts. As St Paul put it, “For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not?”

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