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I believe I have been a generous person; although I am sure that there would be some who would think otherwise. I have given out of my blessings and fullness. I have also believed that one cannot give what one … Continue reading

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To Know And To Believe

What I believe is beyond reason, but it is contrary to it. I do not need faith to know that there is a God. I only need to see the beauty and grandeur of nature to know that all of … Continue reading

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On Hiking

I have access to a fitness center where I can use a treadmill, a stationary bike, an elliptical machine. And for a while, I tried to exercise there on a regular basis. But I soon got bored. It was getting … Continue reading

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Lunacy And Old Age

I admit to being a lunatic. Nothing can stir more tender emotions in me that a full moon on a cloudless night in some faraway place by the sea or in the woods or up in some hills. I would … Continue reading

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Travails of a Warriors Fan

As a long-time fan of the Warriors, I remember the time when they were the favorite whipping boy of the league.For a long time, they were the cellar dwellers, the floor for all the other teams to step on. Every … Continue reading

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Too Good To Be True?

In my daily experience of dealing and relating with people, I have learned that what is too good to be true is often not true. A lucrative job that is easy and effortless would probably involve something criminal. An investment … Continue reading

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Goodness And Faith

There is a lot to marvel about these days: in technology, sports, culture and even business. Even in everyday life, there is a lot to marvel at: people serving others, children learning and growing, families pulling through difficulties, the sick … Continue reading

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HOW And WHY Questions

People often confuse ‘HOW’ questions with ‘WHY’ questions. ‘HOW’ questions deal with process, procedures, methods, plans, strategies, descriptions. ‘WHY’ questions, on the other hand, imply intentionality, reason, cause, motive, purpose. The recent super blue blood moon had many people looking … Continue reading

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