To Know And To Believe

IMG_20180210_100122152 (1)

What I believe is beyond reason,
but it is contrary to it.

I do not need faith to know that there is a God.
I only need to see the beauty and grandeur of nature
to know that all of this marvel was made possible by someone.
I only need to be touched by people’s kindness
to know that the goodness in our hearts came from the ultimate good himself.
I only need to understand the truth and reason behind the workings behind of this
to know that it is the handiwork of a divine intelligence.

But I need faith to believe that
this God does not merely operate
like an objective and impersonal principle, ex opere operato.
I need faith to believe that this almighty God has taken a personal interest in me.
I am not just one of his many creations.
He knows me by name.
In fact, my name is written in the palm of his hand.
I need faith to believe that this all-knowing God
knows me better that anyone else, myself included.
“In your mother’s womb I formed you.” He says.
I need faith to believe that even as He created me,
He wants to bring my life to perfection.
I need faith to trust that He will bring to fulfillment
the deepest yearnings and longings in my heart.
I need faith that God is present with me, in me, for me, by me,
everyday of my life, even beyond death.
For these realities are beyond
the understanding and grasp on my intellect and intelligence.

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