Goodness And Faith

There is a lot to marvel about these days:
in technology, sports, culture and even business.
Even in everyday life, there is a lot to marvel at:
people serving others, children learning and growing,
families pulling through difficulties,
the sick finding blessings in their sufferings.
It all starts with believing.
That is when and where the miracles start.

Indeed, if we but open our eyes,
there is a lot of good happening around us.
To believe is to see all this goodness.
We have to pray for the gift of faith.
It is not easy to believe.
And when we believe we can see and do good.

Because believing is not easy, it is also not easy to be good.
It is not only difficult but also dangerous
to live a good and upright life.
Often, the road often taken is the road to perdition.
Or, our default mode is often taking the path of least resistance.
Therein is our lifelong struggle and challenge.


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