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Jerusalem was in the news again the other day when five people died and eight more were wounded in a brutal attack on a synagogue there. The two assailants were also killed. It was a tragic and a very ironic event. Tragic, … Continue reading

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Laws of the Universe

There are certain laws and principles that govern our daily lives. We violate them at our own peril. We are aware there will be consequences – dire or desirable – to our actions. Like, what you do not lose, you … Continue reading

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Different Ways of Seeing

Our date night movie last night was Big Hero 6. It was entertaining and the production value was excellent. Animation has gone along way from the childhood cartoons I used to watch on TV. The plot was simple and pretty … Continue reading

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Spiritual Blindness

I recently met a man so full of himself. He revels in his talent and shares them generously. But he gives me the impression that he feels the world owes him the acclamation and adulation he thinks he richly deserves. … Continue reading

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The Ocean

Often, I tend to intellectualize my spiritual life too much.  This tendency then gets me into difficulties like the problem I have with the Parable of the Talents. So God Has given me talents, is He really like an accountant … Continue reading

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Cosmic Encounter

Most scientists acknowledge the fact that randomness rules the universe, from the continuous galactic explosions that give birth to new stars to the quirky spin of sub-atomic particles shooting off hither and thither. And yet, in the world of Newtonian … Continue reading

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Universe Unfolding

The fog, rainbows and primal particles all seem so ephemeral but they are the stuff reality is made of. They may be fleeting but nothing could be more permanent. As long as there is water, there will always be fog … Continue reading

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Seeing Beyond the Senses

The other morning, as we were on our way to bring Jonathan and Jane to school, there was a thick fog that enveloped the Santa Clara valley. It was so thick I could barely see more a few feet ahead … Continue reading

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A loving heart is a grateful heart. I thank the Spirit that always hover over me For the many blessings I have received, most of which are undeserved and unmerited. For my family that has been the source and the … Continue reading

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Beyond the Commandments

Vitavi denique culpam, non laudem merui, wrote the poet Horace. I do not deserve to be praised just because I have avoided committing a mistake or have simply done what is expected of me. Doing the good or right thing that … Continue reading

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