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My Brothers and My Sisters.

If people would only see others as their brothers or sisters, there would be less prejudice and hatred in this world. Wars will cease and violence against others will stop. If we would only see every woman as our mother … Continue reading

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Proclaiming the Good News

In this time and age of political correctness, people pay attention to what others do or say and are critical when they offend the sensibilities of others. This is well and good when political correctness comes from a deep respect … Continue reading

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We Will Always Remember

  There we were, eight young men waiting around for somebody to hire us. A learned man came along and said, “Come, I know Someone who has need of your services.” And we followed him with enthusiasm. We worked during … Continue reading

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Manila and the Philippines have just gone through another devastating calamity. Typhoon Mario has inflicted¬†yet another traumatic calamity on our people. But this will pass away and people will soon be back to their normal lives. Nature may seem destructive … Continue reading

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The Filipino Soul

Even as I write this, thousands are again huddled in evacuation centers in the Philippines – cold, wet, and hungry. Many have been driven out of their homes by typhoon Mario which has inundated the low-lying areas in the main … Continue reading

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I have always been inspired by the notion of changing the world to make it a better place.¬†I dreamt of being part of the great adventure of creating a new and just society in my youth. I was willing to … Continue reading

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A Nation of Singles

I read in the news yesterday that the US is now officially a nation of singles. There are now more single households. I read the news with a lot of sadness. This emerging social change is going to be as … Continue reading

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