Miscues and Missed Cues

Life has not always given me instructions in the words I understand or expect. In other words, there have been a lot of miscues and missed meanings in my life. There were instances others have invited me into an intimate and deep relationship but I missed their meaning and intent. I thought it was just a conversation. There were occasions others challenged or offered me an exciting career path or a rewarding opportunity and I thought we were just shooting the breeze. Missed cues and miscues. Missed opportunities.

And it gets worse. As I age, I miss more words, more sentences and more meanings in my conversations and interactions. It gets to be very frustrating and I often keep to myself to avoid the miscues and misunderstandings.

What worries me is that I may also be experiencing these miscues and missed meanings in my spiritual life. The Lord might be telling me something and I totally miss it or misunderstand it. I might think I am doing God’s will for me but I might just be indulging my vanity or pride. I might imagine I am doing good but I could just very well offending people and antagonizing those around me.

My prayer time has been my refuge. I keep still. And in the stillness, just listen and be filled with God’s Presence. And I entrust everything to the Lord.

In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.
Psalm 90

And all were astounded at the greatness of God.
While everyone was amazed at all that he was doing,
Jesus said to his disciples,
“Let these words sink into your ears:
The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into human hands.”
But they did not understand this saying;
its meaning was concealed from them,
so that they could not perceive it.
And they were afraid to ask him about this saying

Luke 9:43-45
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