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Letting My Light Shine Through

Like the rational thinking human being that I am, I try to make sense and understand life and what goes on around me. Yet much of life is a paradox and a mystery to me. News item: CEO pay is … Continue reading

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Towers as Beacons

Babylon was the center of ancient civilization. Its inhabitants were rich and prosperous and considered their city as the seat of life itself. In their affluence and hubris, they decided to build a tower that will reach up to the … Continue reading

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Salvation for Us Sinners

Christ did not come to write books nor expound a philosophy. Neither did he intend to teach a theology that would be the answer to all of men’s questionings. Instead, he lived to serve others, to teach them how to … Continue reading

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Thanking and Praising God for the Gift that is Pope Francis

I thank God for the gift that is Pope Francis. Yesterday, he again astounded the world with his interview where he expressed refreshing thoughts on what it means to be a disciple of Christ in this day and age. He … Continue reading

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Love and Forgiveness

This is a new report about what Pope Francis told the pilgrims at St. Peter’s last Sunday: Forgiving our sins is “the joy of God,” Pope Francis told pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican yesterday to pray … Continue reading

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More Things to Enjoy Than There Are To Worry About

The world today has never seen so much affluence, such fantastic developments, so many resources to make lives better and living easier. And yet at the same time, the world has never experienced so much fear, anxiety and uncertainty about … Continue reading

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Living On the Edge With Fr. Boyle

We went and listened to a talk by Fr. Greg Boyle last night at Notre Dame High School in San Jose, an event organized by Kathleen. Fr. G works with gangs in the ‘projects’ in East LA. He described how … Continue reading

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