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Metanoia – A Spiritual Paradigm Shift

Yesterday, I met up with some friends and former colleagues. We had a great time reminiscing our glory days, when fired with the zeal and enthusiasm of a great visionary leader we set out to change the institution we were … Continue reading

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To Whom Do I Go When I Am Weary

Jane is a very sensitive person (pikon). She doesn’t hurt physically easily but one unkind word or a voice just a few decibels louder than the usual or even just the slightest slight will cause her to tear up. And … Continue reading

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The Power of One

In this world of billions of human beings, I am often overwhelmed by the thought that I am only one of the many, that I am too insignificant to matter, that there is nothing I can do to make a … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Incarnation

Imagine that we can pick our parents before we are born. Re-incarnationists believe that we do and we chose as parents those who would teach us the lesson(s) we want to learn in life. God, when it was time for … Continue reading

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I love watching the sun set. But sunrises gladden my heart even more. I love to watch or at times imagine the sun slowly creeping up across the horizon, over the mountain peaks, perhaps. The earth is wet and fresh … Continue reading

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The Good News In My Life

I am a person who finds it difficult to keep a secret, specially if it is good news. My body language easily betrays me and I would itch all over to proclaim the joy inside me or I feel I … Continue reading

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Come And Heal Our Land

Living in the presence of the Lord and following Jesus  are not a bed of roses. In fact, His path is the way of the cross, of suffering, of self-surrender. And like Mary, we wonder aloud: “How will this be?” … Continue reading

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