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Praying For Families

From the very beginning, God has declared that it is not good for man to be alone. Before He created man, He first created the plants and the trees that will provide man with food, clothing and shelter. Then He … Continue reading

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Musings on Life and Death During Advent

Life is a most wonderful gift and it is passed on to us, generation to generation. And life will always find a way to express itself in spite of all kinds of obstacles and difficulties. The roots of Jesus were … Continue reading

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Hearts and Treasures

Everyday, billions of dollars are gained or lost in the stock exchanges of the world. A rumor can send the stocks of Apple into a tailspin dive, making its stockholders poorer in billions of paper losses. And yet, nothing significant … Continue reading

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Thanking God for 39 Years

Today is our 39th wedding anniversary. We have known each other for 44 years and have been married for 39 now. Every morning that breaks, I whisper a prayer of gratitude to God for bringing Anabelle into my life. We … Continue reading

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Good Morning!

I wake up every morning full of love and gratitude. I could have died in the night, for a million things could have gone wrong. My heart could have failed me. A fire could have broken out. A burglar could … Continue reading

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Early Morning Conversations

From my earliest years, I have always been fascinated by you seeking to know better and love you more. Even before I was fully aware of the world around me, I had been wondering what you were doing in our … Continue reading

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Breaking Bread at the Commons

Bounty and abundance have always been the Law of Nature. Natural shortages such those brought about by droughts are often temporary. Man-made shortages such as those brought about by hoarding happen because man takes from nature out of greed instead … Continue reading

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