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Faith, Love and Hope

Man is unique in all of creation because of his capacity to reason. Man has done marvelous deeds because of this capability. Because of this, man has swung between the temptation of believing he is the center of all creation … Continue reading

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‘Lord, Teach Us to Pray’

This is Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. Rising some 750 feet from the canyon floor, they remind me of two arms outstretched in fervent prayers. In the midst of all the magnificent beauty and grandeur surrounding me, … Continue reading

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“Outside the Church, there is no salvation.”

“Outside the Church, there is no salvation.” This is a very harsh and hard to accept doctrine. It came from a time when the Church was beset by people leaving its fold. I do not believe that the Church was … Continue reading

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The Holy Trinity in My Life

I wake up every morning, always grateful for yet another day in my life. I have seen so much beauty in life, have received so many blessings and have had experiences so fantastic I did not even dare dream them … Continue reading

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I Am Chosen

We live in a finite world with finite resources. Oil will someday run out and we have to find alternative sources of energy. The forest cover of the world is thinning out and could very well disappear if we do … Continue reading

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Loving As We Have Been Loved

The Philippines is a very romantic place and the Filipinos are a very amorous people. We have at least seven words for ‘love’: ibig, irog, mahal, sinta, liyag, suyo, giliw. All of them, however, express love as eros. Eros is … Continue reading

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Still On My Lost Wallet

We are creatures of habit. I looked at the drawer where Anabelle found my lost wallet several times but I did not notice it. The top of that drawer was not one of the usual places where I would usually … Continue reading

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