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Receiving And Giving Forgiveness

I am not perfect and I have committed many mistakes in my life. Some mistakes have made me stronger. Others have made me wiser. Still others have made me more understanding and accepting of others knowing that I have failed … Continue reading

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Judging Others

It took me a while but I have learned that I have the tendency to judge and hate in others what I hate most in myself. I have condemned and been harsh to people I have judged as hypocrites, when I … Continue reading

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Good in the Service of Evil?

Two women caught in adultery and people wanted them stoned to death – as required by the Law of Moses. Indeed, adultery is so destructive of loving relationships and of families, it should be dealt with severely. But, as often … Continue reading

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Disasters, Natural and Man-made

The Philippines is regularly visited by natural calamities: typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, storm surges. These events often bring out the best in our people. During these times, we usually are able to come together as a caring community to show compassion … Continue reading

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Spiritual Blindness

Often, I see but do not understand; I hear but I do not listen. I am blinded by scales in my eyes. The scales of my pride and prejudices, of my weakness and sinfulness, of my biases and banality. I … Continue reading

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Hail, Mary!

Christmas is not Christmas without Christ in it. The Christmas story can never be told with out Mary in it. In fact, Salvation History would not have unfolded as it had without Mary’s ‘Fiat’. It is one of God’s amazing ways … Continue reading

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Sinning and Forgiveness

Mistakes, errors, shortcomings. Sin. They are all part and parcel of the human lot. That is the tragedy of being human. But because man possesses reason and freewill, mistakes can be corrected; errors can be rectified, shortcomings can be set … Continue reading

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I have always been inspired by the notion of changing the world to make it a better place. I dreamt of being part of the great adventure of creating a new and just society in my youth. I was willing to … Continue reading

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Life is One Insoluble Puzzle

We know what is good for us. These are the deep longings in our hearts. Love, peace, compassion, brotherhood. Yet, we end up doing the opposite. Wars, violence, conquest, oppression. Many in the West are spurred by greed and selfishness. … Continue reading

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In the past days, people have been saddened by the death of Robin Williams. Both mainstream and social media are replete with stories about him: how he has brought laughter, joy and inspiration to millions through his movies and TV … Continue reading

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