Time And/Or Money?


Money once spent or lost can be earned or found again.
Time once spent or lost is gone forever.
Therefore, time is more valuable than silver or gold.

One needs money to buy a wide screen HDTV to enjoy great documentaries of nature.
Or, one can spend time and go out into the mountains or walk by the sea
and be simply awed by nature herself – for free.
I can go to a spa, spend a pretty sum to pamper and relax myself.
Or, I can spend time drowning in the hugs and kisses of Jane
or lullabying Maia to sleep and watch all the tension in me melt away
– for a chocolate bar or a song.
I can indulge in noise and mindless activities – for a fistful of dollars.
Or, I can spend time in quiet solitude to discover who I really am – for nothing.
I can choose to make my life complex and costly.
Or, I can choose to make my life simple and free.
Now, that really should not be a hard decision, should it?

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