Life Everlasting


Life is such a wonderful experience many people are loathe to leave it.
Death is such a great unknown many people are loathe to face it.
Yet, there is life and it is meant to be eternal.
Once you are, you will always be.
And if everlasting life is meant to be better than the present one,
why aren’t we all excited and in a hurry to get there?

For all the wonderful technologies and conveniences if it has brought into our lives,
science has neither the facility nor the categories to explain life after death.
But anyone who has imbibed or soaked in the beauty of nature
(such as hiking up an awesome vista or watching a blazing sunset),
or have seen people coming together in peace and love
(as what happened during the EDSA I People Power revolution),
or have seen grace at work in forgiveness and reconciliation
(as in seeing young children line up in fear and excitement for their first confession)
shall have truly had a glimpse of eternity.

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