What My Faith Tells Me


The scientists at CERN constructed and used the $50billion LHC to prove the existence of the so-called God particle. I use my Php 500 bible to come to essentially the same conclusion.

My faith tells me that there is more to this world than I can see and perceive through my senses. Scientists essentially say the same thing; they talk about dark matter and dark energy, the big bang that created all the stars and galaxies out of the void.

My faith tells me that there is another life than my here and now, another level of existence, another dimension. Scientists are similarly excited by such prospect; they have postulated and on their way to prove parallel universes.

My faith tells me there is a Presence that suffuses and maintains the universe in existence. Scientists postulate that this is essentially the function of the Higgs Field.

There are still scientists that would insist God is not necessary for the universe to come into being. Yet, there is that tiny voice or sense deep within me that tells me that everything there is is the handiwork of that Presence, the Lord of Creation and God of History. Scientists were recently agog by the discovery of the Higgs particle which explains how (but not why) some pulse-beats (or particles) of energy have mass and others don’t. This, they say, is the explanation for everything there is in the universe.

Now I read that we were never made for happiness. Survival and propagation of the species are hardwired into our system and DNA, but not the quest nor the capacity for happiness. That only serves to confirm my free will, which is what makes me human. Happiness is a decision and the Presence that created me want me to live forever and enjoy eternal happiness with him.

I love these lines from a favorite hymn:

Where can I run from your love?
If I climb to the heavens you are there
If I fly to the sunrise
Or sail beyond the sea
Still I’d find you there

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