Silence And Prayer


Praying puts us in touch with that which cannot be perceived by the senses.
Whether done with others or alone, praying expresses our desire to embrace the ineffable.

Whether in prayer or just to be with myself, I often spend moments in silence.
That is a choice. I find peace, meaning, and yes, connection just being silent.
I sometimes imagine the world of silence of the deaf and mute.
It might actually be a blessing.

On the other hand, without silence, we may never truly appreciate what sound is.
Sound is as natural to men as breathing.
Life is richer because of music, laughter and conversations.
Sounds add a deep nuance of beauty into life:
the chirping of the birds,
the murmuring of the brook,
the lapping of the waves,
and the whistling of the wind.
If we quieted all human sounds, nature would still be singing.
Teilhard called it the hymn of the universe:
from the explosions of galaxies to the constant and rhythmic beating of quarks.

And men always make a sound to express what they deeply feel inside.
For out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks:
a sigh when we feel bad,
a cry when we are sad,
a song when we are happy,
a scream when we are afraid,
three words when we are in love.

Even in the silence of my prayers,
I would sometimes find myself uttering a word,
breathing out a sigh,
or even letting out a quite laugh.
The sounds of silence.

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